Company overview

Founded in 2008, Helix International Group is the parent company to multiple subsidiaries including Firetecnics Systems; the leading fire safety, engineering and prevention company, Ark Workplace Risk; the international professional services and operational management consultancy, QUOODA®; the data and software platform, and Sustainware; the software platform and predictive analytics development house that developed QUOODA®.

In the Property, Retail and Services sectors Helix and its subsidiaries aim to lead by being innovative, market led, scalable, implementable and customer-centric. Helix delivers market-leading business value to clients around the world through product innovation, high client intimacy, tailored support services and outsourcing solutions covering enterprise-wide Operational Risk, Compliance and Safety.

Helix has extensive relationships with the world's leading companies and work with major and global organisations. Ultimately, Helix enables their clients to become high-performance organisations realising all potential, by leveraging best practice, learning outcomes, knowledge sharing and a wealth of case studies drawn from their clients.

Company Overview

Our companies & software

Ark Workplace Risk is a professional services consultancy providing market-leading outsourcing, software and tailored solutions in Operational Risk, Compliance and Safety to major and global organisations within the Property, Services and Retail markets.

Ark has a refreshingly different approach, which results in high long-term client satisfaction. The approach is grounded in real-world experience, deep in thinking about multi-dimensional challenges, collaborative in partnering with clients and pragmatic in thought leadership about what matters most in the sector. Ark's objective is to appeal not only to the niche markets they serve but at an even more intimate level relevant to the individual organisations and personas.

Sustainware the software platform and predictive analytics development house set up in FY2009 to exploit the rapidly growing market for Operational Risk, Compliance and Safety enterprise and mobile software. In 2011 Sustainware invested in developing QUOODA® ground-up. QUOODA® is underpinned on a philosophy, Ark's 20 years of industry experience as well as leveraging all knowledge from partners, teams and client feedback.

QUOODA® is a leading provider of cloud and on premise enterprise applications for Operational Risk, Compliance and Safety built on modern technology and using innovative open architecture.

QUOODA® differentiates to all other solutions on the market by offering clients tremendous flexibility to manage Operational Risk, Compliance and Safety in their businesses – taking into account new business landscapes, demands from real-time API data, transfer system-to-system, mobile-on-the-move working, remote working, content sharing, discoverable content, social Operational Risk, Compliance and Safety, and globalisation to create a more intelligent operation.

Ultimately, the platform delivers a solution that advances capability to access a global network of resources, whilst creating personalised and individual experiences for QUOODA® clients and the clients' customer chain and supply chain.

QUOODA® Product Suite - WGRC

Our business strategy

Our strategy is to use our expertise in consulting, technology and outsourcing to help clients achieve maximum performance so they can create value for their customers and stakeholders.

We use our industry and business knowledge, agility, propriety methodologies, performance, insight into emerging technologies and new business trends to work in partnership with our clients. Our strategy is focused on helping clients improve their operational performance, maximise efficiencies and profits as well as offer competitive capabilities.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the recognised leading supplier of Operational Risk, Compliance and Safety solutions worldwide. We will deliver this via high customer experience by the constant improvement of innovative, customer-orientated products, value-added-services and workflow-orientated customer support through the use of highly skilled employees and partners.

Our passion lies in future-proofing our technologies and business capabilities for our clients' benefits.